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2 I really enjoy scouting. I don't have a sash yet, so that's why I'm not wearing any merit badges. I have somewhere around 25, but I hope to get all 121 within the rest of the four years that I have. I am also missing my rank badge. I am currently a Life. All of the merit badges left that I need to do to earn my Eagle are Personal Fitness (which I'm almost done with), Family Life (which I'm also working on currently and I'm almost done with), and the Citizenship in the Community merit badge. After I complete those I will only need to do my Eagle project, which I hope to do over this Summer. I'm holding a binder in the picture because my duty in the scout troop 886 is scribe, and I'm also the secretary in the Teachers' quorum in the Lindsay 3rd ward of the Chandler East Stake of Zion.
3 This picture was taken with Mr. Smith's document camera. He said, "Check out these really cool features!" He thought this feature was so cool that almost everyone in the class got their picture taken with it. I'm on the left and Robert Pederson is on the right. 4
6 Science is a really great thing to me. As soon as I could talk I have loved magic, and as soon as I found out that magic was caused by science I began to love science. I'm really good at science, too- I know a lot about quantum mechanics and even more about the rest of physics, including astrophysics. My favorite sciences are physics (especially astrophysics), chemistry, and electronics. The video of me above was made by me (with the help of my Gramie and Mom to control the camera) so that I could enter the 2009 3M Young Scientist Challenge.
7 Space shuttles were invented to be reused because building a new rocket every time a mission was needed became extremely pricey. Rockets use Newton's third law of motion to work. As the fuel ignites (the action), the equal force is the thrust coming out the end of the rocket. The resulting opposite reaction is the rocket's motion in the opposite direction of the thrust. 8

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